Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Martin, George R. R. - A Feast for Crows

I have just finished A Feast for Crows, book four in A Song of Ice and Fire.  It's definitely a bridge to the rest of the story--at least I hope so.  Mostly it seemed to be focused on people destined to be minor players, with the exception of the Lannisters.  In the end, it was hard for me to get excited about it, though it did hold my interest.  Martin has carefully woven a first-rate Age of Chivalry soap opera, with a bit of supernatural thrown in.  It's enjoyable to see all this clockwork execute.

I am still wondering how a society with eight thousand years of written or remembered history fails to progress.  Could the key be in Valyria?  Not yet, according to this article on Valyria.  Oh well.  I am finally at a point to read the Hugo award nominated most current installment, after which I can move on to some other good literature.  By then a Song of Ice and Fire will have consumed about five months, somewhat more than the Vorkosigan novels did last year.  Worth it?  The last entry will tell...