Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Blood of Ambrose, by James Enge

Blood of Ambrose is a World Fantasy Award nominee for 2010. Other reviews have called it predictable, and it is, very much so. A standard coming of age story, where the protagonist is a bystander in his own fight. Owing to much pluck, he comes through in the end. I couldn't spoil it if I tried. Even the naming is predictable (the two overbearing saviors are Morlock and Ambrosia--really now).

But I'm glad I read it. The dialog is quite tasty, and the heroes have the twist of being actually heroic, though imperfect. There's lots of good action, and a fine pace to the plot. This is Enge's first novel. If he can take a few more chances with future ones, they should be pretty good.

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