Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Valor of Cappen Varra, by Poul Anderson

This short story was recently posted on Project Gutenberg, linked by my favorite website, Free SF Online. Cappen Varra is a little atypical for Anderson's protagonists--most are larger than life, Varra is small and clever. It's a fine tale of confidence, and I can highly recommend it

Poul Anderson has long been one of my favorites, I have read nearly all he has written. Nicholas Van Rijn of the Polesotechnic League is my favorite character of his. Anderson's writing shows classic mid-century SF values--libertarian yet big-hearted, a paen to the capable. Grownups know better, but hey.


  1. What of Anderson's do you recommend, free or otherwise?

  2. Another good one available for free is Tau Zero, at Anderson's Technic History series is good, also.