Friday, October 16, 2009

Favorites: Shadow Christ, by Martin Cowap

Shadow Christ is an awfully tough story to explain. It's sort of about playing with time, and religion, and deeper cultural commentary. The allegory is very subtle. I enjoyed it thoroughly and looked for more by Mr. Cowap.

Couldn't find a thing. Or any details about him at all. It's very odd, he has promise, but the only trace of him is this one story in a very mixed quality and now-defunct but still available SF website. Read it to enjoy a hidden gem, perhaps not sufficiently encouraged.

Read of the Day

Today I finished Poga, a story by John Barnes. This one is a nicely wrapped fantasy tale, but mostly in the real world. It's a good character study about a person coming to grips with herself. I can almost recommend it--but not quite. Read Shadow Christ if you are choosing between the two. Two stars for this one.


  1. Hello D.S. how are you?
    Martin Cowap here! Nice to see your comments on my story Shadow Christ, much appreciated! It was written in 2002 along with another story called Limelight which is on
    I live in Chester in England and haven't written anything for a while, but it is nice to know that you liked my story.
    best regards
    Martin Cowap

  2. Mr. Cowap, I only just saw this or would have responded sooner. Comment settings needed adjusting. Sorry to hear you have not written more, I do think some editors missed a bet in not encouraging you to do so. But the fine thing about the web is that these kinds of stories are discoverable this way.