Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Why this blog? It's about free literature, and freedom from ownership. From very early on I have deeply enjoyed the atmosphere of access to literature without concern for ownership. Before the internet I was a devoted library user, and in fact became a professional librarian for many years. I love to read, and love books. But I've bought no more than 20 or so for myself, aside from textbooks. Access is sufficient--I do not need to own them.

Along comes the internet, and more than I could ever read is freely available. All hail Project Gutenberg. And then, even better, Free SF Online. Science fiction has by far the strongest tradition of freely available work, I have not found near its like in mystery or any other genre. It's a feast larger than I could possibly digest--but I dine on as much as I can, and I'll share the goodies I find in the process.

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