Sunday, September 27, 2009

Favorite Stories: Karuna, Inc. by Paul Di Filippo

One of my favorites found through Free SF Online is Karuna, Inc. by Paul Di Filippo. This is a powerful good vs. evil story, with great characterization. A veteran named Thurman, hanging on to life, is transformed by his association with Shenda Moore, a dynamic Caribbean woman. She has created a working cooperative per the title of the story, where people having hard luck like Thurman can work. She takes on the completely amoral Phineas Gage society. The story is a great ride, of people surmounting tremendous limitations to confront evil. Go read it for a lift.

Read of the Day

Today I read a story from Eric Flint's Ring of Fire anthology, called American Past Time. This is part of a series featuring a 20th century small town in America displaced to 1632 Germany. It's a decent read, but nothing to chase down. It is part of a large slug of material posted on Free SF Online from Baen Books, and I'll be reading a lot of it in the next several days. 2 stars for this one.

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