Friday, November 6, 2009

Favorites: Julian, A Christmas Story, by Robert Charles Wilson

Robert Charles Wilson is a highly decorated author, and you don't find much of his work available for free. But Julian, A Christmas Story, is out there, and it's worth checking out. His story of post-oil north america is a more graceful dystopia than most, with an emerging aristocracy carrying on. The craftsmanship is superb. His mostly understated exposition of the churches' roles is worthwhile for the religious. I recommend it at 3 stars

Read of the Day

Have just finished Karen Joy Fowler's Hugo and Nebula award nominated story, Standing Room Only. Am not sure what the fuss was about. Mostly it centers on Anna Surratt's mooning over suave actor John Wilkes Booth. I learned a couple of things about the co-conspiritors in Lincoln's assassination, but not enough to make it really worthwhile. 2 stars for decent writing.

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