Monday, June 27, 2011

The Native Star, by M. K. Hobson local libraries, like many, are having funds cut drastically.  We shall have to stock them ourselves, pretty much, for awhile.  So I'll be continuing my reviews of award-nominated fiction by buying and donating the titles.  Starting with M. K. Hobson's The Native Star.

When reading this book, what came to mind over and over was the old TV show The Wild Wild West.  But this book is somewhat more magical than steampunky.  In fact, magic takes the place of early computing as a science driver.  Much good adventure ensues as a back country witch unintentionally takes part in the process of preventing a natural magical disaster.  It doesn't really break any new ground, but there's not much bad to say about it either.  I enjoyed reading it, and may even read more.  But its insights are at best medium-deep, so this would qualify more as light entertainment than literature of ideas.  But that's good too.  This book is a good choice if none of your true favorites have produced something recently, or you just want a break.  3 stars.

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