Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Devil's Eye, by Jack McDevitt

Continuing my catch-up on Alex Benedict, I turned to The Devil's Eye.  The books continue to get more interesting in this series.  Kolpath and Benedict get involved in a mystery that takes them to Salud Afar, a world a month out from anywhere in the Confederacy.  They are lured by a famous author with a large check and her own mind wiped clean, and end up saving a world.  There's a lot more action in this one, and we see more of Chase Kolpath as an action hero.  I'm beginning to think that calling it the Alex Benedict series is meant as irony, or something.  But she's still pretty casually slutty in a way that doesn't really build out her character, and that still galls.

In any case it's a good engaging read.  Next up would be Echo, but I have read it already.  I'm not sure my conclusion would change, as Chase Kolpath goes in a very different direction there that, if I recall correctly, would end up taking away from her and possibly simply be a response to criticism.  Reinforces the notion that one really needs to read a series from the beginning to be fair to an installment.  But I'm not going back now.

3 stars for this one.

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