Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Way of Cross and Dragon, by George R. R. Martin

I have gone back to my favorite free SF source, Free SF Online, to take in an award winner while waiting for a book from the library.  The Way of Cross and Dragon is a Hugo winner from 1980 that was added to the site while I've been away reading the Song of Ice and Fire.  It was interesting to read a story from Martin that references dragons, but has nothing at all to do with Westeros.

This is instead a story of alternative religions.  An inquisitor is sent forth to deal with an apostate believer who has invented a history and sainthood for Judas Iscariot.  Not the first attempt to revive Judas' reputation--certainly The Last Temptation of Christ tried.  It's pretty predictable, the inquisitor himself has doubts, but in the end there is a nice twist.  It is very representative of Martin's work, solid but not really adventurous.  I liked it well enough, you will too.  3 stars.

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