Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Tide of Victory, by David Drake

In the time before award season I'm catching up on a series I began long ago and have enjoyed, David Drake's Belisarius Saga.  The Tide of Victory is number five, by way of Baen Books and Free SF Online. 

This is a good entry, though it is very heavy on large-scale military strategy.  Much more so than past entries.  In fact, Drake spends a fair amount of time depicting Belisarius and his associates pondering logistics and politics--much more common in a straight war history book than in speculative fiction.  Interesting to see the lesson, though.

Drake is very much given to glorifying warfare--has pretty much made a career of it.  But he's not the only one, and he does it pretty well, so if you are into military SF you've probably read him already.  This entry in the series very much displays his commitment to history.  Read the rest first, or don't bother with this one.  Three stars from me.

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