Sunday, March 17, 2013

Back After Hiatus

I'm back after a bit of time away to read some things that were not SF at all, so no need to go into them here.  A refresher of my point for doing this (mostly for myself, I do not pretend this is widely read)...

The purpose of this blog is to read and comment on SF literature that I find available without having to pay for it.  Most of it is online.  Now, I know a little about economics and know that nothing is truly free.  Most of the sites have ad content, and many ask for a donation.  If they do, you should consider it.  I read quite a lot of fiction from my public library, and that is taxpayer-supported.  Sometimes if my library does not have the title, I buy it, read it, then donate it.  I like the idea that authors are putting their materials out there to enrich the general reading environment, and want to encourage them with links, and positive comments where warranted.

Sure, I could put these comments on Amazon, or attach them to the sites that host the material.  But I like the idea of my own space.  So if you are doing a search and happen across this blog, and stay a moment to see what I like, good for you.

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