Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Stars Do Not Lie, by Jay Lake

Am now on to the Hugo nominees for this year, and found The Stars Do Not Lie on the Asmov's site as a PDF.  And I must say it brought joy to this reader's heart, though I was just a tiny bit unsure at first.  We have an alternate Earth history here (or really it could be any planet, just calls itself Earth) wherein they have quite solid evidence that Man appeared on Earth, just as he is today, 6000 years ago.  The Church and the powerful Thalassocretes (Lords of the Sea, though they are most definitely Masons) are rivals for power in this young civilization.  In this setting a young professor injects his finding, using new photograph technology, that an artificial spacecraft is approaching.  There is denial and consternation.

Interestingly, it's a familiar story but manages not to be a commentary on present times.  The themes and conflicts are timeless and universal.  Lake has a unique prose style, it's sort of old-fashioned yet very much draws one in as one reads.  This is quite good stuff, go out and enjoy.  4 stars from me, for present and potential.

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