Sunday, September 8, 2013

Breaking the Frame, by Kat Howard

I have come to the last of the entries in the World Fantasy Award Short Fiction category, this one being Breaking the Frame by Kat Howard.  This one is well worth the ten minutes it will take to read it, and gets you thinking. 

The setup is ordinary, but daring.  A photographer pitches a woman to model for him.  She figures it's a come-on, but the way he handles it convinces her it's not, and at the same time opens the door for a relationship.  That relationship is explored through the photographs he takes of her.  And like any truly interesting relationship it is complicated.  It could turn dark.  But stays interesting.  Very good stuff.  Probably my favorite to this point.  I still give it 3 stars, but a strong 3 stars.

I was disappointed to miss out on the free link to Jeffrey Ford's "A Natural History of Autumn".  It was up for awhile, but got taken down before I got to it. I have to jump on these award stories right away.

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