Wednesday, October 7, 2015

My Real Children, by Jo Walton

My Real Children wraps up my World Fantasy Award reading, and award books generally, for this year.  I very much enjoyed Among Others from 2012 and was looking forward to this one.  Overall I'd say it was a nice read, but not a super standout.

The basic premise of the book is that P. A. Cowan (known by Pat or Patty or Tricia or Trish) has led two parallel lives, and at the end of her life is aware of both.  It's one life up to the point where she decides to marry or not marry Mark, and splits at that point.  Both lives seem very solid and real, and at the end she is in one or the other life pretty much on alternate days.  Most of the book is the stories of these parallel lives, one unhappy but eventually fulfilling in an ordinary way, and one quite happy and perhaps more fulfilling.  The world around her, though, is much better off in the world where she is less happy.

And as I said, the book is mostly spent relating details of these two lives.  We care about the protagonist, but not in any profound way.  Jo Walton is an accomplished writer so the book was easy and entertaining to read, but that's what you'll get here--no real stretch.

Give it 3 ordinary stars from me.

As for a world fantasy award favorite--I have not changed my mind about The Bone Clocks, it is still by far the best.

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