Saturday, May 28, 2016

Obits, by Stephen King

I haven't quite given up on the Hugo Awards yet--I am reading the works that don't look to be too influenced by the Sick Puppies or the more radical of the Sad Puppies--I have discussed them earlier.

That leaves a short list in the shorter fiction.  Obits by Stephen King is on it.  He doesn't get a lot of these nominations, I would think that the nominators don't think he needs it.  But one could nominate most anything he writes, as it is both speculative and very well written.

Obits treads a well-worn path of sympathetic magic--voodoo in particular, though that's not exactly what's going on here.  Our protagonist is finding his prowess as a writer--in fact, he can kill with it.  But not with great control.  The power and terror of that possibility is shown here. 

It might be a little too tired, I think I saw this on The Twilight Zone but am not sure.  The protagonist at one point becomes afraid that his secret will get out.  Maybe too much?  Would anyone believe him if told?

It's a decent story and I am sure King fans will enjoy it.  I was mildly amused.  Will give it a weak 3 stars.

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