Friday, August 5, 2016

Waters of Versailles, by Kelly Robson

Sadly I somehow neglected to write a review of Kelly Robson's fine novella, Waters of Versailles, when I first read it for the Nebula awards.  I will rectify that now for the World Fantasy Awards. 

Our protagonist is an upper-class commoner and artisan who aspires to nobility in Louis XVI's court.  He is cultivating noble women, and providing a service by taming a water sprite and convincing it to pump water through pipes of his devising, allowing modern plumbing in the palace of Versailles.   It's a fine speculative story that shows the utility of plumbing through this unusual route to get it.  The character and plot development are excellent as well.  It's just a very satisfying story to read, so go right away and read it while the link is still good.  Four stars from me!

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