Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Conditional Love, by Felicity Shoulders

I like this author's name, for some reason.  But that's neither here nor there.  I like the story too, it feels more fully developed than the other Nebula nominees this year, for the most part.  Conditional Love means to give us a lesson about humans, in the form of humans that have been optimized. 

But in these cases imperfectly, so they are abandoned at a hospital.  We meet a girl with no limbs, and a boy with no memory, at least not for people.  It's easy enough to imagine these kids finding good homes, but as it happens they didn't get that.  One concludes, with reinforcement in the story, that parents getting these engineered kids wouldn't even have been able to raise a perfect one.

We will be there very soon.  I am not sure if my children will design their children, but it's within the realm of possibility, and my great-grandchildren almost certainly will be designed from the ground up.  We will have to deal with all the messy issues, from acceptable mods to liability.  We need more stories like this to help us adjust.  Onward!

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