Thursday, October 27, 2011

Komarr, by Lois McMaster Bujold

I am now moving into the latter part of Miles Vorkosigan's career in Komarr, part of the omnibus volume Miles in Love.  And this one is all about Miles' love, Ekaterin Vorsoisson.  Her hapless husband ends up involved in a plot to attack Barrayar by closing its wormhole, but this is something of a sideshow.  In Komarr we return to the style of Shards of Honor--the galactic fantasy, a romance novel set in space.  Ekaterin and Miles have intense conversations laden with internal dialog.  Her failed marriage has caused her to harden her heart--can it be softened again?  An odd place for a hard SF fan, but not so odd for SF itself--Mercedes Lackey has written a lot in this space, and a very strong fraction of fantasy literature is romance-novel inspired.

Miles doesn't get as much development here, other than as possibly having found his love at last.  He's having a lot of fun on the Imperial Auditor gig, it's just what he needed, and lets Bujold go anywhere with him.  And we'll see where, there's only a few books left.  Onward...

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