Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Memory, by Lois McMaster Bujold

Continuing my reading of the Vorkosigan series, this week I picked up Memory.  I went ahead and paid for this at Baen Webscriptions for a Kindle version.  Oddly enough, it is the only one in the series not on the Cryoburn CD, kind of an odd omisson, but there it is.  I could have gotten it at my public library, though, and am sure you can too.

It's a worthwhile read, especially if you have read the others.  Bujold is really enjoying Miles as a character.  He's going through a lot of troubles in this one, most directly related to being killed and revived in the last one (Mirror Dance).  He's having seizures, making him unfit for combat or anything stressful (his denial of this is a big part of the plot).  Being an adrenaline junkie this is really painful.  It looks like he is going to have to let go of his pet project, the Dendarii Free Mercenaries and Admiral Naismith.

What follows is a very satisfying story of personal growth.  Miles finds a new dimension to his capabilities while investigating an attack on his supervisor.  Death smacks some of the megalomania out of him, even as he gets more opportunities to indulge it. 

This story very strongly indicates that Miles is heading in a different direction--adventuring days may or may not be done, but they don't define him anymore.  Am looking forward to the rest of these, it is a series worth revisiting.  The technical references are few and feel dated since they are from 15 years ago, but the characters are the point.  Four stars for this one.  Onward and upward

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