Saturday, March 10, 2012

Movement, by Nancy Fulda

Movement is only SF at its fringes.  It mostly tries to get inside the mind of an autistic girl and describe her experience--that of someone who is aware of time changes at all scales.  This interferes with communication and makes her seem abnormal.  My description is nothing so artistic as the story, of course--Fulda's prose is much richer. 

Some believe that autism is a syndrome of a barrier between a normal mind and the world, and use things like assisted communication to get at the "real" person.  And though the person might get something out of it and be communicating, autism is nothing so simple as that.  It has been shown to go all the way down.  This story has some of both, an extraordinary, not normal mind shut off from the world, and perhaps not minding that.  Interesting, and I'll give it 3 stars.

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