Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sauerkraut Station, by Ferrett Steinmetz

The author in his closing notes refers to this story as "Little House On the Prairie Meets Space Station", and I think that fits Sauerkraut Station pretty well.  It's a fun and mildly quirky story about a space station in the hands of one family for generations.  Seems hard to figure that technology wouldn't pass it by in that time, but then again it's been nearly three since we went to the moon, so it could happen.  I didn't think of the metaphor above right away, but I have heard the audio books of Little House on the Prairie so it clicked right away.  The tale of ordinary loneliness shattered by extraordinary war is familiar enough from Earth. It's a plucky survivor tale too, so feels good in the end.  Ferrett Steinmetz says he's finally got the hang of writing, which is a good thing, we need more decent hard SF out there, with a heart.  I give this one three stars.

Four of the seven Nebula nominees are available online for free--scroll down in this blog and you'll see them.  Of those four, I think that Six Months, Three Days is probably the strongest competitor, it held my interest quite well and was unique in its way.  Good stuff, all in all.  On to the short stories!

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