Friday, December 14, 2012

Coming to Terms, by Eileen Gunn

Coming to Terms is a Nebula winning short story from 2004.  I have always liked the title of the collection it's from, Stable Strategies and Others.  Makes me reflect on what strategies are, and what Other strategies would be. 

This story is more of a little reflection, though.  Thoughts of a daughter, picking up after the death of her literary dad.  They were not close in life, but his writing might change that now.  It's interesting to see how.  The story is not overly speculative, just an episode at the end, thrown in to satisfy her genre I guess.  Mostly it's about connections.  3 stars, just because.

It's always hard to know what to say about short stories.  I dislike giving away plots, but there's not much you can say about the point of a short story without revealing the plot.  Often the point is all there is to it.  Oh well.

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