Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Clockwork Atom Bomb, by Dominic Green

I know I have read The Clockwork Atom Bomb before, so I saved myself reading it again.  But I had not recorded it, and it deserves a review.  It got a Hugo nomination for best short story in 2006, which also makes it deserving.

The title shows the way to the speculation, though there are not any atom bombs in the story.  What if we had something somewhat more dangerous than nukes to play with?  How long would we last?  In this one, we have managed to harness miniature black holes for military purposes.  Sort of harness.  Our protagonist is the equivalent of an International Atomic Energy Agency inspector, trying to control the proliferation of black hole harnessing.  The story is told with humor, but at the core it is sad and still quite timely.  Go try it out for a good entertaining read.  3 stars.

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