Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Nature Articles by Gregory Benford

Gregory Benford wrote several very short pieces for Nature a few years ago, and five of them are available on Free SF Online.  I am reviewing them as a group, as they go together well and it doesn't make sense to me to talk about them separately.  Here are the five:

These are all one-pagers in Nature's Futures section. They explore pretty standard hard SF themes, but stand out as very good examples of short fiction that's interesting and makes its point well.  Benford is a professor of physics and astronomy himself, and knows what would appeal to Nature readers. But these are good for anyone, and are thought-provoking in what they explore.  They are kind of dystopian, but that's OK, lots of SF is like that.  I would recommend them for nice quick hits that will make you think a bit.  3 stars.

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