Friday, January 6, 2012

Redchapel, by Mike Resnick

Redchapel is a bit of historical speculative fiction featuring Theodore Rooseveldt as a character.  It got a Hugo nomination in 2001.  Resnick portrays Rooseveldt as a pretty overbearing character, but I rather think this is accurate.  I think he made this one available to present his own theory on who Jack the Ripper was.  Since it is a mystery story I won't give it away, but I do find the speculation pretty interesting.  All told with Resnick's superb professional touch. 

This story also features Resnick's strong attachment to the troubled places of the world.  London's Whitechapel slum is every bit as awful as the heart of Africa, and Resnick evokes a similar sense of hope and resignation in the setting.  3 stars from me.

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