Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Last of the O-Forms, by James Van Pelt

The Last of the O-Forms is a nicely depressing tale, one that makes you think about how We Might Be There Soon Enough.  It picked up a Nebula nomination for 2003.  It's an ecological collapse story, with rather a stronger hint of disaster than in "'Hello' Said the Stick" below.  But a good short story has more than one thing going on.  In this one, the protagonist has tried to adjust to the change, creating a traveling show out of the mutated creatures he finds.  But it's not much of a show when the whole rest of the world starts looking like it.  In the end it looks like he finds a new gig, but also looks like it's a further spiral down.  One can appreciate his attempt, futile as it is, to adapt.  Give it 3 stars, and then go look for some hope.

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