Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Copenhagen Interpretation, by Paul Cornell

The Hugo Awards are out for this year.  In the shorter categories there's a lot of overlap in what's available online between the Nebulas and Hugos.  The Copenhagen Interpretation is one of three stories that don't overlap.

If it seems to come in a bit in the middle, that's because it does.  According to Cornell's website, it's the third in the series. Continental Europe has continued to dominate the world scene into the space age, with all the powers struggling to maintain the "balance" that now, if tipped, threatens to annihilate the world.  So we have a mix of DWEM manners and SF tropes like spacetime "folds".  The story is a competent spy thriller in its own right.  It might hold up better as part of a novel with the others.  As is, it's OK but not a threat to win. 3 stars.

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