Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Homecoming, by Mike Resnick

The Homecoming is Mike Resnick's 34th Hugo nominated publication, which is pretty darned amazing.  He is such a pro at writing it's hard to imagine him turning out anything not at least worthy of consideration for an award.  But while this story is worthy of consideration, it's not a contender, at least in my mind. 

The story is pretty direct and familiar--a son has left his family and become completely different from the person they knew.  Literally, in this case.  The protagonist's son is in an artificial alien body, necessary for studying the aliens he is with.  This makes him not human, in the father's mind.  They struggle to reconcile, but do, in the end.  This doesn't spoil it really.  It's a nice story and well done, but it's pretty much a poster.  If you read it you will like it, so go do that.  I give it three stars for execution. 

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