Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fields of Gold, by Rachel Swirsky

I wrote a review of this about 10 days ago, but somehow it did not post.  So I will try again...

Fields of Gold is a Nebula nominated novelette.  It's a good example of a "what happens after you die" story, and I think it's a pretty strong candidate for the award.  Our protagonist has died young, diabetic coma, and is now in the afterlife.  The first event is a big party where everyone important to you, apparently including fictional characters, shows up.  We get a review of Charlie's life and disappointments, as well as its few triumphs, but it is not mean-spirited or sad.  It's a hard story to describe other than to say it is sweet and makes you glad you read it.  We even get an idea of what Heaven might be like.  So it's a nice story, and I'm giving it a strong three stars.  Go check it out.

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